By Photographer, Vince Lions

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Wax Sculptures by American Artist Zoe Leonard.

“I first saw a picture of the anatomical wax model of a woman with pearls in a guidebook on Vienna. She struck a chord in me. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. She seemed to contain all I wanted to say at that moment, about feeling gutted, displayed. Caught as an object of desire and horror at the same time. She also seemed relevant to me in terms of medical history, a gaping example of sexism in medicine. The perversity of those pearls, that long blond hair. I went on with this work even though it is gory and depressing because the images seem to reveal so much.”—Zoe Leonard, Journal of Contemporary Art

How beautiful.

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Anonymous said:
Hi, I love your blog and I was wondering if you would tell me some of your favorite blogs.

Hi! Thanks for reading my blog and sorry for the late reply. I have a lot of favorite blogs but i don’t follow any anatomy related ones if that’s what you’re looking for, (which I am assuming since you asked on my anatomy blog). I find my blog materials from a facebook community called Daily Anatomy and search anatomical keywords on tumblr or flickr. I also look up the site Street Anatomy which is really cool. 

EDIT: I also forgot, I do  loook at Fuck Yeah Anatomy

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stellarallie said:
I absolutely love your blog! I am a scrub tech for a cardio thoracic surgeon, and I love the heart, lungs and everything associated with them. Your blog is the best i have come across that really peaks my interests!!

First, Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for viewing! I love that you are a scrub tech! I am a student studying to work in healthcare as well. Thanks for your messages, it helps motivates me to update on a more regular basis.  

And here’s a hug!

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Muscle Skin Suits they make cool sportswear.

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Home is where the heart is…

…and when you apply this stunning anatomy themed wallpaper to your study/living room/love nest then the age old adage could not be more appropriate.

Aorta have this in the office but in the meantime, while I save up some pennies, bring your own walls to life by visiting the designer and retailer of these unique works of heart at the anatomyboutique



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A heart before transplant. Prolong a life. 

A heart before transplant. Prolong a life. 


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 Victor Demarchelier


Victor Demarchelier

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Red Blood Cell Cupcake by English Bakery,Denise Bakes Cakes.

赤血球 カップケーキ 食べたいな。


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"SkeleBike" by Eric Tyson. Imagine how this would look like in the night.


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Organ “Armor” by German CGI company, Viaframe. Check out their other beautiful projects here.

The concept of this: “Armor was already used in medieval times to protect its wearer from injury. In our series of images, it represents the protection of inner organs through medical treatment and preventive measures that strengthen one’s health. For our customer Corbis Images, we visualized different kinds of armor for the human heart, lungs and brain.


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chocolate heart
Naoto Fukasawa 


chocolate heart

Naoto Fukasawa 

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